Welcome to Kevin Cooke Media – Evocative Content  

Evoke: i-ˈvōk- To cause a particular reaction or response to happen.

What is Evocative Content? It’s media that makes people feel. It’s storytelling. It’s content specifically designed to grab people on an emotional level turning shoppers into long term customers.

At KCM we focus on telling stories. Your stories. You might not even think you have one. By letting your customers know your company and its philosophy you are opening the door to great and long lasting customer relationships.

Think of your business story and what you have to offer like a mini-documentary. People are interested in how you can help them. In why they should choose you over all the competition out there.

It is with integrity, honesty and an appreciation for the struggles of small businesses, that I approach every project with the goal of making a difference in helping it succeed. Through branding strategy, carefully crafted copywriting, HD Video and photography, KCM specifically designs Evocative Content that engages your customers. So what’s your story?