David Ogilvy, Author of On Advertising said: “Branding is the defined personality of a product, service, company, organization or individual.”

Your business is more than the services or things it sells. It should be considered a living breathing entity. One that is capable of making people feel something. That’s a lot of power, and when executed successfully, captures customers who are loyal. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Some brands can be very successful by hinging on a simple concept and then being consistent with its use.

Subaru of Puyallup is car dealership within the Harnish Auto Family group. They acknowledge that people stress out about buying cars.  So the “Stress Free Dealership” was born to alleviate that concern. In every instance of messaging to their customer base, the Stress Free message is present. A campaign we created of award winning TV commercials, billboards, swag, in store signage and the dealership’s willingness to expand this concept to the fullest (massages while you get your oil changed, internal culture around Stress Free, etc.) made terrific impact and they have seen terrific growth as a result.

Brett Jacobsen – Internet Marketing Director at Harnish Auto Family
“Kevin does excellent work. His services have been extremely valuable in assisting my company build a brand strategy and create content to deliver this message to our market. Kevin is full of creative ideas and helpful insight and he is a great guy to boot. I highly recommend him.”

Unless you have no competition, people need a reason to choose your business first, over all the other businesses in your category. The right branding gives them that reason. Take a look at the Subaru of Puyallup “Stress Free” branding commercials under (The Work).

Then lets talk about strengthening your current brand or creating one for you.  It’s fun!