Awards / Testimonials



Kevin Cooke is a proud recipient of 18 Telly Awards for Creative Projects completed for clients and a First Place National CAB Award for Best Creative. The Telly Award is one of the most prestigious awards in our industry. While it is great to win awards, we are more proud to have made a difference for our clients and when we receive feedback from them sharing their success from having given us their trust. Here are some of their kind remarks:

Nancy Smith – Director Leavenworth Chamber of Commerce
“Kevin has consistently “wowed” us with his creativity and design for our ad campaigns. He listened patiently to all our ideas and hopes, formulated a plan, rolled in our feedback and presented a great product! Kevin is super easy to work with and incredibly responsive.”

Brett Jacobsen – Internet Marketing Director at Harnish Auto Family
“Kevin does excellent work. His services have been extremely valuable in assisting my company build a brand strategy and create content to deliver this message to our market. Kevin is full of creative ideas and helpful insight and he is a great guy to boot. I highly recommend him.”

Jesse Wilson – Account Executive at Kiro-TV
“Kevin is my magic man when it comes to creative marketing ideas. Kevin has a perfect record of not only impressing me, but also my clients. His campaigns are effective, and Kevin is very reliable. My clients love working with him. I recommend him to anyone!”

Gary Taylor – Senior Account Executive, Comcast Spotlight 
“A big part of my role is to bring ideas to my clients that will solve problems. Having Kevin administrate this process for my largest clients has resulted in multi-state creative campaigns that really hit the mark and drove results! He’s easy to work with and has a real Marketing mind that gets to the heart of a clients needs quickly and effectively.”

Ryan Sawyer – GM KIA of Puyallup
“From the very first meeting with Kevin I felt comfortable that he was the right person to come up with great creative for our jump from radio to TV. Kevin truly listened to the hopes and goals I had for the dealership and did a great job turning that into something that translated onto TV better than I expected. He was instrumental in coming up with the style of spot and creating a tag line that stated exactly the point we were trying to get across. The end result was better than we could have expected”

Alex Laws – General Manager/Vice President, Timberline Inc.
“In the world today it can be difficult to find the real people that can change in a positive way the direction of your marketing and find results. I was President of the Metro Portland New Car Dealers Association at the time and needed great results. Kevin was our go to guy. Great guy, good person and proven track record”

Dan Hotchkiss – Regional Account Manager, Eid Passport
“Kevin is uniquely talented. He focuses on the opportunity, communicates exceedingly well and is great to work with. Challenges for some are solutions waiting to happen for Kevin. He is great at what he does and even better at how he works with those around him.”

 Keith Partington Mktg Director American Insure All 
“Kevin was an outstandingly creative “big idea guy” assisting my insurance agency to make the splash we needed to get noticed. Beginning with a TV ad campaign and progressing to include print media, Kevin took the time to get an idea of who we were before making content recommendations.”

Steven Metzger – Online Media, Elemental Technologies 
“Kevin is a very energetic, creative, and fun person to work with. If you’re looking for a creative director with tons of experience, Kevin is the guy!”

Kirsten Klug – Owner Bamboo Marketing Agency
“I have had the pleasure to work with Kevin in a variety of ways.  Kevin is excellent at communicating the vision in language that business owners can understand so that the process can begin. Kevin has excellent knowledge with the whole process from concept to completion, so all jobs are done similarly or better than the original concept. Kevin thinks like we do by providing excellent work at reasonable costs.”

Maureen Fisher – Regional Vice President, Comcast Spotlight
“Kevin Cooke is amazing! He’s a team player, very bright, extremely creative, funny, hard working, dedicated and smart! I worked with Kevin for nearly 8 years and clients and staff had nothing but rave reviews about him, as do I. Kevin is a “can do” person and would be an asset to any organization lucky enough to get him!”

Todd Sloan – Director of Local Sales, Comcast Spotlight 
“Kevin is a unique combination of creative visionary, strategic thinker and revenue generator. I’m always confident that with his stewardship the outcome will surpass any expectation. I highly recommend his services.”

David Campbell – Account Executive, Comcast Spotlight 
“Kevin is fantastic at working with his clients goals in mind. His ability to paint a picture with his words both engages the client and excites them about the creative experience and his ideas. I worked with Kevin on a collaboration with a new to market iPhone application. From creative brainstorm to air, Kevin was the mastermind behind our campaign that would eventually be recognized for a national Telly Award”

Richard Loughney – General Sales Manager, Comcast Spotlight
“…as a talented and creative writer and producer of commercials for a wide array of advertisers, Kevin is top-notch! Because Kevin connected so well with clients, understanding and meeting their needs he enhanced our client retention rates. They more readily returned to advertise with us again because their message was in Kevin’s capable hands.”